Hannah Squier

I love programming, cities & problem solving.

About Me

I am a developer, engineer, and a GIS specialist.

I graduated from University of California Berkeley with a degree in Civil and Environmental Engineering, where I gained an appreciation for cities, planning, and design. I then taught myself Geographic Information Systems (GIS) and the beginnings of how to code. I entered the startup world as a GIS Analyst at Airphrame, a UAV Mapping company. As I progressed, I realized that I wanted to build more things, make more things, and code more things.

So I took a leap! I am now a student at Viking Code School, a competitive, full-time, intensive software engineering bootcamp. Next, I will use my technical skills to solve problems that affect people and cities.


Make it Count!

A multi-platform tool to help inspire people to go to the polls in this historic 2016 election. This elegant tool informs and motivates Americans (especially in swing states) to learn about and participate in the electoral process. By integrating a big and beautiful web app with a Messenger chat bot that, users gain valuable insights into how much their vote counts.


This is a thurough platform for students applying to college. Students can see hundreds of different statistics for U.S. universities, save schools for later, keep track of their admissions process, and compare multiple schools side-by-side.

Blackjack By Hannah

In this simple but elegant blackjack app, you can wager your bets and try to beat the odds! Blackjack by Hannah is built on Sinatra and was built in the style of clean, modular, object oriented programming.


F.O.M.A.A (Fear of Missing Out on Art and Alcohol) is a beautiful Rails app, designed to help expats explore San Francisco. The site integrates with Google Maps API, Yelp API, and the SF Civic Art Collection API, to suggest the hippest bar crawls around the city. Participants are guided from bar to bar and are shown the best public art SF has to offer. This project won first place for technical performance at the SF Women's Hackathon!


This Facebook clone is a full featured rails app. Post, comment, like, and upload to your hearts content. The entire authentication backend is built from scratch. Who doesn't need another social media app?

codementor.io Tutorials

In my freetime, I have written multiple rails/ruby/all-things-coding tutorials for the respected learn-to-code site codementor.io. Check them out!

Economic and Environmental Sustainability of California High Speed Rail

In this extensive report, I analyze the potential for California High Speed Rail to live up to the economic and environmental benefits promised under Prop 1A, which kicked off the CAHSR project. The report includes a full Life Cycle Assesment, sensitivity analysis, and media content analysis to judge public perception of the project. For this report I won a $50 prize for outstanding performance.